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The Ultra Clear Code

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When an attentive reader of my blog, proved to me that – unlike what Reaper told me – there was a one version missing of my instant Live By The Code collection, I thought to never find it. I thought it was sold out already. But then xTinox tipped me of the whereabouts of this last version…

You see that is clearly one of the advantages of doing this blog. More in particular the advantage of communicating with people about records online. It’s a way of reaching much more people that I’d do in non-internet communication with people. Also it’s a fine example of solidarity between collectors. Helping others out. Hardcore for Hardcore!

Anyway the last record I needed (regardless of the test pressing) was the nice looking ultra-clear. I think clear vinyl needs to be ultra-clear. Milky clear isn’t so cool as a record looking like glass.

terror live by the code clear vinyl lp reaper record
Terror “Live By The Code” LP
200 copies on ULTRA CLEAR

I think it’s one of the finest of all versions. If you think pressing 7 colors in one pressing is over the top, don’t start collecting Integrity’s Suicide Black Snake either then…

3 responses to “The Ultra Clear Code”

  1. Willem Termote

    I mentioned your Congress ONE OF A KIND Lp on Facebook-RWHAF. Be prepared for some extra visits towards your blog. Hehe!

  2. clearly fine looking record. congrats to the full set, bro!

  3. haha, i just read your comment. now i know why i had so many hits from belgium! thanks for the shout out dude!

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