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cover hand screened

Past weekend I was contacted by a long time reader of this blog. He told me he appreciated the work I have delivered over the past years. He also told he liked the articles and texts I write about the Belgian 90’s Hardcore scene the most. The Reaper Records stuff is less appreciated, but that is a general trend in Belgium, also for him. I appreciated the feedback and him writing me. We talked also about bands like Congress, Length Of Time, Liar and Arkangel. We both know the bands from our teenage years, so we could relate.

Another reason that he contacted me was to ask if I wanted to buy a record of the band he plays in. It was a great proposal, since I had contemplated buying this record before. The record I am talking about is the band pressing of the Titan and Witness The Fall 7 inch on Bound By Modern Age Records. There are only 21 copies made!

Titan / Witness The Fall split 7 inch friends and band edition
silk screened cover with glitter finish

I have to say the cover looks amazing with the three colours and the glitter finish. Not easy displaying the glitter finish on a photograph. I succeeded in doing it but the image is not as cool as in reality. Since I have already bought two regular versions of this record through the Bound By Modern Age webstore I now have three versions and need to get the black cover and be satisfied once again.

No need to say that Titan is the band he plays in. He also got me the demo CD-r of them. It has two songs on it and is a must get, as it sounds different than the songs on this latest release. Earlier work so less refined and perfected but purer and more raw. I like that but can support their progression also.

Check out the Titan bandcamp page to listen to some of their songs.

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