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Trapped Under Ice STAY COLD: another rare version!

Time again for a record coming from the REAPER! In this post I will show and comment a rarer version of a less recent Reaper Records release. The THIS IS HARDCORE 2010 edition of the STAY COLD 7″ from Trapped Under Ice.
So here’s the front cover of the THIS IS HARDCORE festival edition of the Trapped Under Ice “Stay Cold” 7″. The cover is totally inspired on or ripped from the official BALTIMORE Maryland flag, as you can see the proof of here on Wikipedia. Yep, Baltimore is the city where Trapped Under Ice hail from.
trapped under ice 7 inch this is hardcore 2010 edition version stay cold reaper records
Just when I thought the pressing of the STAY COLD 7″ is finished they bring out another version. Luckily for  some (like me who have it) but unluckily for others this one is very limited. The number pressed is not known, so I will ask Patrick from REAPER RECORDS to set loose this info. Although people tell me it’s out of 50, I will have to have a confirmation of this…

And this is what’s surprisingly on the back of the cover. While it is a clean picture it is full of suggestion though! haha! If I think further about this I wonder why “This Is Hardcore” is written on that picture? Would people be into hardcore for the girls? Or is this just a coincidence?

Well anyway, the record comes on colored vinyl (the light blue from the fourth pressing) also and has the regular cover beneath the festival cover. It also has a stamp in red ink and KOTF sticker on the inside.

So I’m only missing the SOUND AND FURY 2010 (that is the festival on the other side of the country). What I do know is that these pressings are full of humor and that the S&F version is even funny.

But what I do hope is that they stop pressing this record now, because I’m becoming saturated with it. But I already got a hint of that…


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