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True Colors Collectors Treat

Probably someone beat me first because I am a bit late in publishing these after receiving them in the mail.

True Colors is well-known in Europe but also in the US, that popular that there are even US pressings being made by the underground label SIX FEET UNDER records. About six months after POWERED released the second full-length of the band, called Rush Of Hope, on black and blue vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, Dave from SFU took it to the next level by pressing three colors of this album.

What I remarked immediately was the the artwork was the same but only the colors varied. Another thing that struck me was that it were the colors of the Belgian flag. Okay, that being thought I met Dave on the B9 and asked it to him. He said to me that he did it on purpose. And on top of that he even pressed an all Belgian tri-color version of the record. Yes, exactly with the Yellow/Red/Black colors of our flag.

I didn’t get to buy this record but what I did buy was the ultra limited screened version of the album. The sleeve is screen printed and the vinyl comes on yellow vinyl and is limited to 79 compies.

true colors rush of hope silkscreen cover six feet under sfu

This ‘less is more’ version comes with an insert and a download coupon.

But let’s take a closer look at the download coupon. Yes it says “Deathwish” ! Initially I thought this was a mistake of mine, that I switched the coupon of a DW inc. record with a SFU record or something. But yes, then the explanation came to my mind. The office of SFU is located in the warehouse of Deathwish and the label probably gets help or uses the server from DW for the download coupons (or something like that).

But I’m somewhat drifting away… Now, what came with this record is yet another version of TRUE COLORS classic first album ‘Focus On The Light’. Also screen printed and on white vinyl!! The labels are blank and the only sign of the A-B side are two stamped letters, namely T and C. This is totally sweet and on top of that only 78 copies exist of this record.

true colors focus on the light lp silkscreen cover sfu six feet under

What a score !!!

PS: look at this website for more info on the TRUE COLORS records pressed by SIX FEET UNDER and to see this all Belgian tri-color version.


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