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True Colors: Get ’em demo 7 inch

This is the first TRUE COLORS record that I don’t really like to have.

It started with receiving them and discovering the record doesn’t come with a dustsleeve for the vinyl. When they are new that’s no problem but after a few years they would have a lot of surface wear. But since it is a True Colors record I put them in some spares I had…

Secondly, I was exited to discover a text and thought I’d be learning something new about TC’s early days, but when I read it I realized it actually says nothing but a few names.

Finally I don’t like records apart from testpresses that have blank labels, makes them look like bootlegs.

true colors get em demo 7 inch versions blue black i drink milk records

This must be the first time I’m unexcited about a record I receive in the mail.


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