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Truth In The Age Of Lies

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It’s very hard to describe a classic, that’s likely why I have never done a review about the All Out War “Truth In The Age Of Lies” LP. As I said earlier they play Death Core. Hardcore mixed with Death Metal that is.

Let’s start with an introduction and gathering of information about their contemporaries. It’s hard to determine whether they created the sound or if one of the local bands from the H8000 scene did or the Cleveland bands Ringworm and Integrity. It’s impossible to say who was first, as all evolved in phases and degrees of Metal added to the sound. But it’s also absurd and too easy to say that it happened simultaneous. Since it took a while to get to know each other’s delivery. Because an ocean was between them and the records did not come immediately.
All of these bands definitely were inspiring each other and a synergy definitely was at hand. It’s undeniable that Congress who was befriended with All Out War and toured with them in Europe, wasn’t influenced by them. If you hear the Blackened Persistance and then Angry With The Sun, it’s clear that they created a more NYHC inspired sound in 1998.

All Out War “Truth In The Age Of Lies” front cover of original press
All Out War “Truth In The Age Of Lies” back cover of original press

So yeah, this is an important record that was released in 1997 on LP/CD by Gain Ground. The vocals of Mike Score are evil, heavy but most importantly clear to understand also. A rather unique voice in 90’s Hardcore, one of the best. Lyrics are ethically involved, deal with personal struggles, society and mankind’s nature, the suffering of man and inhumane behaviour of man, criticism on religion and faith. Universal subjects but starting from personal experiences. And a never ending dark world view.

They started with a demo that dates from the year 1993. So there was a rather long time needed to reach the level of this release. When I first heard All Out War around 1998 it was the heaviest band I ever heard, without exaggeration. They had a sound with a prominent drum pedal and low tuned heavy guitar sound.  All music sprouted from Jim Antonelli’s mind.

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