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Turning Point "1988-1991" discography

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There was a lot of support for the new Turning Point discography on social media in collectors circles. Turning Point was one of the last pieces of the puzzle that stayed hidden from me. I was never able to hear their stuff on a decent format. Combine these two reasons together and you realize why I bought this. I bought it new at a distro store but not for the price it went on Black Friday.

I’m still getting to know their discography. I must say I really like their work from the LP “It’s  Always Darkest Before The Dawn”. Just a perfect record. The songs from the Hi Impact 7 inch are closer to the youth crew bands from earlier. Also very solid work. Packaging is great also, a good looking gatefold with a separate insert too. It also comes with a 7 inch in a generic sleeve. These tracks are the demo songs of the band.

blue vinyl out of 500 copies with bonus 7 inch
blue vinyl out of 500 copies with bonus 7 inch

They obviously were aware that they lived in a phase where things were changing in Hardcore, a true turning point in time. You can also hear that transition in their work. The earlier the closer to youth crew. The record was released by Jade Tree records and Think Fast! Records. There is another discography of them earlier released in time, but that one didn’t have live tracks.

2 responses to “Turning Point "1988-1991" discography”

  1. Great post. I love how this LP looks. A big improvement compared to the version from 2005.Also those additional live tracks made this even better.I really love the progression Turning Point made, when you listen to the pure hardcore from the demo and the more polished version of those songs that are originally released on the 7″ to the unreleased live tracks that have way more Dischord-esque revolution summer sound but also with a very 90's vibe.

  2. It's a short post but the essence is in it. And yeah your description of the progression is accurate, great to see through your eyes also…

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