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Turnstile Gold


Fifth press already for both Turnstile 7 inches. Needed something special for sure. So they pressed both titles again in gold glitter vinyl. The layout of both titles is uniform, except for the cover and the inserts. Labels are both front and back the same layout. Also the vinyl colors are identical. The gold vinyl only looks like gold in the right light reflection circumstances, so these were delicate to photograph.
The covers’ color schemes haven’t evolved further this time, they are the same as for the fourth pressings. The “Pressure To Succeed” has four cover-variants already, while the “Step 2 Rhythm” has got two.

Turnstile “Pressure To Succeed” fifth press gold glitter
Turnstile “Step 2 Rhythm” fifth press gold glitter
Pressure To Succeed gold vinyl close up
Step 2 Rhythm gold vinyl close up

There is also a new pressing of the “Nonstop Feeling” LP, in the same gold, but it seems that Roadrunner Records now has the legal rights on the LP, as they are selling them.

There was – in fine Reaper tradition style – another color pressed also. The other color was clear. Looks like a weakened out version of the gold vinyl, clear but with way less glitter. When compared to eachother there is a quite visible difference.

fifth pressings on clear
the gold versions compared to the clear versions

Great way to check out their music once again! As it slipped away from my attention recently.

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