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Soon I will be making a post about two zines I got from someone I traded with as a gift. I almost finished reading them and it are really interesting and enjoyable zines.

In this way I also want to say thanks to the person I traded with for keeping them in such good shape and for giving them to me! Thanks a lot.

The first zine called SUPERFLUOUS is the oldest and is from the pre-h8000 time, when they labelled themselves as 8000 crew and is MADE BY HAZEL of RISE ABOVE. Very cool and interesting zine done in November 1993.

Features a report of the famous 1993 summer tour of Blindfold and Shortsight. But also a European tour report of Nations On Fire.

And a short section about the new formed 8000 crew band Congress!

Another zine I got is one that I’d like to have all issues of, namely the famous H8Zine. This issue the third one and has interview with RINGWORM, H8000 show reviews, dance pit moves, interview with RANCOR & an interview with NY’s Merauder.

Another thing I’d like to say about this is that all the H8Zines will be compiled in a nice book. You can read further about this on H8000 Central. I’m very glad they took the initiative to republish all zines because they original ones have gotten mega rare and hard to find. Believe me they are !!!

The zine compilation will be normally be available at the Ieper Winterfest.

If you want to read about the final H8Zine that came with the split 7″ of LIAR and Family of Dog, you can do it here, because I already did a post on this a year and a half ago.

H8 Zine #5 Part 1

H8 Zine #5 Part 2

Another thing that I’m planning to do is write something about these 8000 band demo’s on Warehouse Records:

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