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Victim In Pain Reissue By Bridge Nine

Bridge 9 has done it; making this available again for kids as well as adults on vinyl and cd. The record has been bootlegged so many times, but Bridge 9 has taken the responsibility of making this fair and legal again. By paying royalties for releasing this record. I’m glad that they did this because this has been filling the whole for me in my knowledge and understanding of Hardcore history.

I think this is the most hardcore defining album that I ever heard. Every collector should have it in his or her collection. I’m still discovering this and reading the lyrics several times again, so I will not venture a review of this. This post is just to say how much I respect this and how much you should listen to this if you want to understand hardcore.

What I can say is that B9 made the packaging amazing, it is a gatefold cover with embossed lettering and the vinyl comes on several colors. The original artwork is also included, you can see the holocaust scene underneath the transparent vinyl on the first picture. And the back of the original LP is the hanged person that you see on the picture beneath.

This shows how in a fast evolving environment like hardcore a certain record can still be relevant 25 years after it’s conception…

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