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Why Change A Perfect Thing?

I really like the similar look of the 2012 reissues of the two YOUTH OF TODAY LP’s to the old guys out the 80’s! Why change a perfect thing? Anyway this is photo-shoot of how awesome they look!

YOUTH OF TODAY Break Down The Walls LP:
youth of today break down the walls reissue lp red vinyl revelation records
Based on the original Wishingwell Records Artwork
A lot of live pictures in the layout
YOUTH OF TODAY We’re Not In This Alone LP:
youth of today we're not in this alone lp vinyl white revelation records
Original CAROLINE Artwork
Ray Cappo and John “Porcell” (look at their shirts)
Front Cover
Back Cover

As you can see looking totally cool!

I posted the pre-order earlier this year, hope you got them too, because these are here to stay, especially considering the price of an OG BDTW’s for example or considering the ugliness of other reissues and considering the classic-ness of both…


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