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World Be Free "The Anti-cricle" LP


The promotional campaign of the World Be Free release raised some questions in my mind. Who needed a new band featuring Hardcore alumni? Just another super group? And as if that wasn’t enough, Revelation Records release it?
I still bought it on vinyl and I must say I was biased. Because I see World Be Free as a call for the continuation of Hardcore’s existence. For whatever that might stand… Done by some alumni, including Scott Vogel of Terror. Other band members are Joe Garlipp from Despair, Andrew Kline from Strife and Sammy Siegler from Judge and CIV but also Arthur Smilios of the Biscuits. Might seem an unusual combination for me but the sound came out melodic, catchy and fresh despite what you might think. Scott’s vocals fit right in…

The record was pressed on green and orange vinyl with the label layout of a later pressing of the Warzone 7 inch but also the Together compilation. Even I noticed this, so it is a total ‘no brainer’.

World Be Free “The Anti-circle” LP on orange

The cover art might seem naive and youthful but then again, the thought of freedom might also be of that kind. Who needs a world in chains? And isn’t it always positive thinking that initiates new things in a persons life. I’m not that old but still I learned that. And I think that in their modest way, they succeeded in doing this. Despite the background of war-time and terrorism threatening all of that.

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