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About the website

“Hardcore Punk is not so easily documented and there should be an online data centre that people can rely on for decades to come.”

Willem Termote

Our Mission

It’s our mission to make this a rich and content driven website. To build up the knowledge base online in an interactive and transparent way. Hardcore Punk is not so easily documented and there should be an online data centre that people can rely on for decades to come. Knowledge should be accessible for everybody.

In 2008 I started something I couldn’t finish. I started a website on as a tool to do two simple things. First mission was to communicate and publish about my passion of record collecting. I collect records and listen to Hardcore Punk music since 1996. To actively write and publish about it has started with this blog. Soon after that, the second mission became bringing this to a broader and more inclusive level for the readers. And to influence the local and global scene. To create an output from which the entire readership could learn and become enthusiastic.

Back then there weren’t platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that created the readership easily. I had to do everything myself like actively promoting my site on other sites and in newsletters. Building out a feed. But also do some easy coding. I did everything myself.

This site received some hate and criticism in the beginning but also lots of love and genuine interest of others. The idea to actively start documenting music also had the idea of documenting the local H8000 scene in it’s wake. I was the first to start writing and publishing posthumous about this scene through the internet. And also the first to start doing interviews about the entire history of many H8000 bands. Although these bands are not completely history and still play. This was under the influence of Edward Good Life Recordings and Hans Liar. Other influences were the Double Cross blog, the Stuck In The Past blog and Vinylnoize.

There was also a period when a second author joined me to blog about his acquisitions. His name was Ezekiel02:24:81. That was a great period and he contributed to the growth and development of this website to.

Now the site has entered the phase of becoming an online data centre especially for nineties Hardcore. Future plans are to broaden and keep the knowledge base growing. By expanding the eighties and seventies section. Therefore we are looking for contributors, guest authors and authors in order to make this a good source for everybody to rely on.

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