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Integrity are a Cleveland based band that started in 1988. Fronted by vocalist and devil of all trades, Dwid Hellion, Integrity has released an impressive back-catalogue and is still active as a band. In the early ’90’s the band unique sound and visuals had a massive influence on hardcore and paved the way for metalcore and metal influenced hardcore. Hailing ideas and concepts from arcane topics as the Proces Church of the Final Judgement for one and infusing their music and lyrics with them has led to Integrity’s ‘cult’ status among music fans all over the globe. Elusive and mysterious frontman Dwid Hellion has been releasing his demons upon the word for over 30 years now and remains to release his creations on sporadic occasions accompanied by a revolving group of guest musicians to accompany his material. For ever connected to their iconic ‘skull’ logo their aesthetic and sound have been of huge influence to metal and hardcore bands worldwide.

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