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Good Life Order: REVEAL Test and AFR Colors

Testpressings and colored vinyl never seem to disappoint. Especially when they are sprouted from an era as the 90’s. It was most likely Good Life that was most productive in that decade. I’m probably one of the diehard customers of their mailorder, I ordered there already in the late-nineties as a kid sending in a written wantlist along with the cash notes. I always loved the written message and the freebies that were thrown in to cover the excess money I sent because they didn’t accept coins…

Oh well, nostalgia and reality at the same time. Nowadays I seem to have grown into collecting all those releases fondly. It’s always nice when they sell releases that are tossed on eBay for much more money than they are selling it. Works in their advantage and reflects the ugliness of eBay.

Today is the day when one of those packages came in. A test press and a colored vinyl record as new straight from the 90’s as a matter of speaking. More than this, one could not desire.

The first record was actually not intended to be so numerous. The plant misinterpret the commandment and pressed then times as much testpresses than requested. For a testpress that’s an insane amount. Thanks to this mistake on the other hand I have one of these. It’s the test pressing for the REVEAL Dissection Of Thought LP, that I already have on pink vinyl too.

reveal dissection of thought vinyl lp test press good life recordings

Anyway this is one of the few bands from The Netherlands that adopted that Unbroken alike style of Hardcore. Screamy vocals, something that in most cases annoys me but I fairly like this band though. They have something ontological about their delivery. Most of the Dutch bands stuck to the old-school style. This band did not.

The other record is a double-seveninch on double color. One from a recently mentioned band, AS FRIENDS RUST. I already had the black. It’s actually quite cool looking. The warm-red cover contrasting the cold blue and mint-green vinyl. While both vinyl colors complement each other. And while solid vinyl and clear again form a contrast.

as friends rust double vinyl 7 inch good life recordings

This record is actually the second AFR release and the second release on Good Life. Also know as “Godhour”. Anyway feel free to be like me and order something special, old or new at Good Life. They are still doing it in quality and integrity after all those years…

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