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The growing label Demons Run Amok from Germany just released three titles that I needed to buy badly. The first one I needed was the vinyl version of the first SAI NAM release. Oddly Reaper Records only released this on CD. I was a bit disappointed by that. But it seems that DRA got the message too and they wisely gave it the vinyl-treatment it deserves.

Sai Nam is a band with lots of HC all-stars in the line-up:

  • Justice from Trapped under Ice on vocals
  • Mike Dijan from Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz
  • Lou Medina from All Out War, Breakdown
  • Dean Baltulonis who produced several Hardcore releases
As you can read, lot’s of NYHC veterans. The lotus on the cover is symbol of the rebirth. And lyrics deal with love, life and inner demons. The most striking text is according to me the lyrics of the song “Comeback” where miserable feelings induced by returning and haunting visions lead to despair. But also as the title suggest songs about a crush on someone and also about eternal love. The true soul of Justice revealed somewhat in these lyrics. I can relate to them big time.Anway the record is pressed on three colors and a black version. Only 500 in total. So you can guess how limited the colored editions are. Namely all three of out 100 copies. And the standard black’s out of 200.
Colors are:
  • Clear Red (100 copies)
  • Clear Orange (100 copies)
  • Solid White (100 copies)
  • standard Black (200 copies)
sai nam crush vinyl lp orange dra demons run amok license reaper records
Orange vinyl
The White version is only available at RevHQ. So this is bad news for Europeans as shipping increased. But definitely worth “importing” it back to Europe. All other colors are available at the label DEMONS RUN AMOK, although it’s after the 17th May (the release date) there are still a few left of every “European color”.
I can get rough on myself now for not ordering the Clear Red version, as that would have brought me a step closer to completion… Although there were two other titles that I needed from the same label, released on the same date and in the same pre-order logically!
These titles were nothing less than CRO-MAGS “Alpha & Omega” and SUBZERO “Happiness Without Peace”. NYHC galore as you can expect to get in the next posts!

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