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Terror Life & Death Demo


I had acquired the test pressing of the fist Terror demo, called “Life & Death”, already years ago. I just never came by posting it before. This demo is being collected by quite a few people but the total amount pressed is rather high. It’s a four track demo that had two pressings. The first press was made in June 2004 according to the stamp on the blank label.
As in fine Reaper Records tradition, the test press comes with an additional cover, this time they were inspired by Raw Deal. There were fifty copies made and were handed out to band and friends. The cover is printed on thick red paper and has the track list on the back.

Terror “Life & Death” demo test press

Now we come to the tricky part of this post. I made a collection picture in doubt whether this is complete or not. The trouble is that according to the discography page of the label there is supposed to be a gold vinyl copy with a regular cover. I doubt that this is true, in thirteen years I have never seen such a version. I did see several gold versions with the alternate cover. And there are a few of those for sale on Discogs also. So respectfully I think there is a mistake involved, as with a few other releases documented on that discography page.

I couldn’t find a satisfying way of picturing these both with an informational value and with a correct aesthetic composition. So I will be typing the pressing info beneath:

First press:
Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – test press – Raw Deal cover – 50
Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – red – regular cover – 525
Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – clear –
alternate cover, stamped dust sleeve – 367
Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – gold – alternate cover, pre-order – 158

Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – black – regular cover – 1050
Second Press: 
Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – light blue/white mix – black and white cover
Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – light blue/white mix – standard cover – 1460 
Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – white – standard cover – 370
Terror “Life and death” (demo) – Reaper – white – Zero Tolerance cover – 250

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