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1917 Records #04: Guns Up!

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Probably because these 7″s needed to be “imported” from Europe – it is actually Demons Run Amok from Germany who pressed these -there was a time when these 7″s were totally hot on ebay. They were, and probably to some extent still are very rare in the USA, hence the prices paid for every color. It was only the green who was available with 1917 Records, and the rest from DRA Germany.

Nonetheless a good real hardcore record totally influenced by the NY-style. When I first heard this I was overwhelmed with the rich and flourishing sound that was hard hitting and to the point. Probably one of the better and more real bands out there in the first decade of the 21st century, staying true to the classical New York sound and culturally also very old school style. Gang vocals, breakdowns and lyrically about interpersonal observations, like betrayal, rivalry and comparison flowing out of all this. In short words; real Hardcore true to the rules of the game!!

The pressing info page can be found here. I’m telling this because there is a lot of inconsistency regarding the number made of the several colours and covers by sellers.

First press:

50 Brown with special friends cover
120 Brown
330 Green
525 Orange

Second press:

525 White

The friends press was sold on one show in Germany, but some already made it to the States also. I’ve seen one for sale on eBay, but I missed out of the thing because I was to bummed out at the moment.
Damn, I hate it when someone sell all the 1917 Records that I’m missing (tourcovers, friends presses, release show covers, festival covers, test presses, …) when I am bummed out. Because it actually happened; a follower of this blog did it and I was only able to buy three. It is not that I’m unhappy with the three records I did get to buy, but this was my chance. Financial hardship, it happens to every punk collector I think!! But I try to look at it this way, I saw the several special releases and so learned what there was made and how they looked. And that’s already very important!
Another fact is that it wouldn’t be very challenging for me, if I had unlimited money and got to buy all these in one stroke. That wouldn’t be much of collecting I think, time will bring me these and will be able to have a complete 1917 records collection. They are out there, hahaha !

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  1. Hey, I have this on orange vinyl with the End Of Summer sleeve, #20/125. I would trade it if you want it?

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