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1917 Records #06: Eaten Alive s/t

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1917 Records succeeded again in releasing something different than the mainstream Hardcore. This is truly pissed and fast hitting punk and can surely be added to the skate core genre. I’m not familiar with this style so I can’t compare it to other bands. But it is also a tribute to the older punk and hardcore bands. If I really have to find similar, I’d say Negative Approach and some Infest influences.

1917 Records all have something unique and all of there own in my opinion.

Not much other things are known from this band, besides that they are from Southern California. If somebody knows if they have more records, please drop me a line.

eaten alive collection colors 1917 records 7 inch vinyl

From above to below you see the brown with black splatter which is out of 510. The total is actually 600 but this is because there are also 2 different sleeves that come with this colour. Namely the record release sleeve (30) and the tour press (60).
The other colour is supposed to be green A-side and black B-side, although this rarely works out 100%. And finally you see the white version, this is the most limited vinyl colour.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is awesome. Glad you like it. -The 1917 guy.

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