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25 TA LIFE "Fallen Angel"

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Hate it or love it, 25 Ta Life remains a much controversial band amidst hardcore crowds.
Some adore the typical NYHC belched out by Rick Ta Life and others are in disgust of it, mostly due to more personal reasons regarding frontman Rick Ta Life. To me it still remains a great band from the past with some killer tunes and unfortunately a lot of straight up crap songs. Older work passes the test better than later releases since vocalist and heart of the band, Rick Healey, has lost a lot during the many years representing hardcore all over the world. Be it by personal issues or just keeping on at what he’s believes to be best at. Who will tell?
I found this one in a record bin during a show recently and with the alluring price of 5 Euro i couldn’t resist giving it a spin.

Representing NY’s toughest streets

Fallen Angel was released in 2006 through SUPERHERO RECORDS from Germany. A display of typical 25 TA LIFE styled NYHC that makes you feel like taking a stroll through a grim part of the five boroughs.
With the typical NY tough guy mentality and lingo you can hear the prophets of the NY streets show their pride for their hometown again.

Hardcore pride inspired songtitles

The album is no revelation to the whole NY sound but still proves to represent a certain style that i can much appreciate from time to time. With songs like I’m Your Enemy/Fuck You, Underdogs Will Rise and Invisible Minority the band from mr. Healey still got some anger left after all those years of DIY touring and living it out the New York Hardcore way. The other tracks aren’t that bad in the end but seem to lack something, be it originality, fucked up vocals or just bad mixing. Even though the flaws it still remains as a business card to NYHC.

Fallen Angel in clear blue vinyl

They never reached the fame and fortune like fellow Yankees MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT or CRO-MAGS, still they had a core audience and reputation going on in the scene. Sometimes rather negative due to some personal concerns regarding Rick Ta Life. A colorful figure from the Big Apple, i still remember him from my first 25 Ta Life show back in the 90’s, during the fest you could see Rick strutting his stuff on the festground, basketball jersey, dreads hanging of his ass, pierced in the face and full body tattoos. But once you talk to him he turns into some energtic maniac babbling on. During the years Rick has had some troubles concercing wrong deals that caused a lot of the rumours going round, and recent activities haven’t shown any improvement. After a NEGATIVE APPROACH show in NY four years ago, Rick got beaten up by strangers.  In debt with the hospital he even put up messages all over the world wide web for donations to his cause. In typical NY style as can be read here. He even cut of his famous dreads and tried to sell them on the net and even turned to Christianity at some point.

NYHC never changes

The latest evolution is that of following the footsteps of DANNY DIABLO, Rick dediced to take on hip hop, and listening to his ghetto inspired lyrics that may be his true destiny. 25 TA LIFE has left some good records behind and kept on going till the end. But sometimes it’s better to stop and leave in grace.
It’s not a killer album but i’m still happy to have obtained my version of this limited clear blue vinyl edition pressed onto 500 pieces.

Forever True, NYHC represent!!!


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  1. I should 25 ta life you for making this post, Ezekiel! Their best is definitely STRENGTH THROUGH UNITY on Good Life Recordings…

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