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Better Than A Thousand LP on gray

Better Than A Thousand were a positive Hardcore band during the late-nineties, with Ray Cappo on vocals. They were a welcome breath of positivity between all the metalcore bands that had a darker mindset. I never checked them out when they were playing. But by reading through the Good  Life mailorder lists at the end of the nineties I already got to know the band name and the short description of the band. I always wanted to check them, but had other priorities in buying. And now all these years later I finally bought their LP.

They sound like a melodic version of Youth Of Today. The LP was released in 1997 by Revelation Records on black and clear vinyl. This year it got repressed for Record Store Day on opaque red vinyl and now repressed again on gray vinyl. There were only 328 copies pressed on this interesting gray vinyl. Which makes it cool.

Better Than A Thousand Revelation Records repress
Better Than A Thousand “Just One” LP on gray vinyl
Better Than A Thousand “Just One” LP
Better Than A Thousand “Just One” LP opaque gray vinyl close up


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