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Finally acquired another one of the last missing pieces of the Blindfold collection. I say ‘one of the’ because one never knows when a collection is complete. Although I already knew about the existence thanks to a mention of a fellow collector. I also mentioned it way back on the discography post of Blindfold.

In my long quest of getting to see and know out of how much this records is, I’ve only had tow chances of buying this beauty. The first time it wasn’t in decent condition. And the second time (this time) I almost passed it by because it was damn expensive. I found the sellers price to be high because I had found the rarer orange version for cheaper and already three times. But I finally did buy it because it has the coolest number of all numbers; 001 / 140.

At first I doubted if this number was cool enough to justify the higher than usual price, but then given the rarity of this record and the dead mint condition, I decided to go for it nonetheless. So here it is:
blindfold live at vortn vis vinyl lp yellow sober mind records h8000
BLINDFOLD Live At Vortn Vis LP Yellow vinyl
Numbered 001 out of 140 !
Hell yeah, I’ll be safekeeping this and be looking at these pictures now and then to rejoice myself. Instead of getting it out of the boxes. The sleeve is namely very sensitive of carrying fingerprints, or I should wear gloves to handle this baby.
Anyway, thanks to the seller for his great job and effort…
setlist of the performance and some re-styled shots of the action
If anyone is interested in an ORANGE copy out of 88, I have three. And are willing to work out something for an interested person.-FF

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