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Breakdown The ’87 Demo


In continuation of posting records from my backlog, here’s one that is really good although not that hard to get. The Breakdown 1987 demo on yellow vinyl. According to there are more yellow copies than black. Although that needs to be nuanced since there are several yellow versions in circulation. Pale yellow, more warmer yellow but also clear yellow and copies with a greenish accent seem to exist. My copy has a more warmer yellow to it.

Breakdown the ’87 demo 7 inch yellow vinyl
Noiseville and Blackout! Records

There are a lot of references to this record in history. Everybody knows the song ‘Sick People’ from the NYC Hardcore compilation from Revelation. That everybody now must have on vinyl thanks to all the represses made. Also the Parisian band Kickback most likely got their name from the song ‘Kickback’. Also on the French Hardcore compilation 2CD from the 90’s Kickback covers that track so that is giving their influence away. Also Belgium’s Powered Records uses the Blackout! Records logo to make a variation of their own logo. There are probably more references like rip off sleeves, it only tells us how classic this one is.

Breakdown has the most stereotypical NYHC sound, why listen to anything else if you want the get into that stuff?

One response to “Breakdown The ’87 Demo”

  1. This is one of my favorite NY records from that time. Brutal sound. I still have only the black version.

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