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Coloured Dischord Subsequent Presses

All these releases are from the Washington D.C. hardcore punk label Dischord. This label was started by the band members of Teen Idles and in particular Ian Mckaye the bass player of Teen Idles and later the singer of Minor Threat. Initially to put out their own music. The label started out in 1980 and was influenced by the L.A. label Dangerhouse Records who had put out a series of inches from L.A. punk bands. They wanted to do something similar on the East coast with their label Dischord. And so they did. The label managed to survive by releasing only bands from the DC area. An interesting side note is that this label never makes contacts with the bands. The bands are responsible for their own recordings and then they pressed the vinyl. Even in the very beginning the bands had to pay for the pressing of their own vinyl. Every money they made was used to put out the next release. And to make the money of the new releases wasn’t that easy because of the crappy distribution back then. They sold their records at shows at by riding up and down the East coast to visit record stores and sell them by their selves. Every record store took about a 25, so you can imagine how dedicated they were to work themselves up. It was just the simple idea for a band to have their own record.


This is Dischord 007, a legendary compilation for D.C. and Hardcore in general. This copy comes on semi transparent yellow wax and has 11 bands with three songs each. Bands featuring are: Teen Idles, Untouchables, State Of Alert, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Youth Brigade, Red C, Void, Iron Cross, Artificial Peace & Deadline. The record has several different covers, this one, blurred head cover. But also wheat field cover and the X and bars covers exist for this same compilation.


This is the VOID / THE FAITH split on purple wax. This is the first 12″ Dischord did, they didn’t pay the artists because the bands only wanted to have the label keep running. It is Dischord 008.


This is Minor Threat’s first full length, an influential record to later Hardcore bands, also for European hardcore bands. Dischord 010.


This is it, the ultimate two seven inches to be recorded in Straight-Edge Hardcore history. With this release things for Dischord started rolling. This LP comes on herb green wax and has on it; Dischord 003 and 005. Respectively, the ‘Filler’ 7″ and the ‘In My Eyes’ 7″. This is my number one, although the LP came in heavily damaged (as you can see on the picture) it is my favourite. This release is officially called Minor Threat ‘First two 7″s’.


Then there came this various artists LP, Dischord 014: ‘The Year In 7″s’. It has on it the first two to be ever put out by Dischord, namely Teen Idles ‘Minor Disturbance’ and State Of Alert ‘No Policy’. These 7″s were pressed for the first time in about a 1000 and about a 4000 to 6000 in all the presses together for the S.O.A. S.O.A was also the band were Henry Rollins did the vocals.
The other two bands on this release are Government Issue and Youth Brigade. The Government Issue 7″ was called ‘Legless Bull’ and is Dischord 004. The Youth Brigade 7″ was called ‘Possible ep’ and was Dischord 006.
This copy comes on coke bottle clear vinyl.


This is also an ultimate hardcore classic, it is Dag Nasty’s ‘Can I say’ LP on blue wax.

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  1. Anonymous

    I would suggest also to pick up the 2nd Dag Nasty record and the Embrace record (on nice red vinyl!). Then you have a big chunck of the classic Dischord releases in your possesion.For more Minor Threat related talk check out my blog.

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