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CONGRESS – DEFORMITY Split 7inch Collection

Obviously hiding the pressing info of labels for the public has disadvantages but it makes collecting much more surprising afterwards. As was the case with this split 7inch. Good Life has a pressing info sheet yes, but some releases aren’t mentioned and often from the mentioned releases not every color is mentioned.

I might be an exception to some other Belgians -who eagerly strife to complete their H8000 collections also- because I never saw or heard rumors about a RED colored Congress / Deformity Split 7″. But to my pleasant surprise a friendly person who contacted me through this site told me about that unexpected color. But now it’s proven that it definitely exists because I have it here. And I added it to the discography.

congress deformity 7inch vinyl red blue clear collection good life recordings
deformity congress 7 inch vinyl collection red blue clear good life recordings

As you can see there are three colors of this but I don’t know the numbers.

I also bought some other records from the same dude. He lived nearby me and was kind enough to deliver me the records at my home… I also bought some other things from him but that’s for a next post.

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  1. @ xknutx I think those numbers are more or less true but rather indicative numbers. But since the clear version seems the version everybody has, I do think it's true that it is the more common version…


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