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Crawlspace "Don’t Get Mad, Get Even" 10 Inch

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Knives Out Records from Paris is back again with an awesome looking vinyl edition. This time they reissued the 1998 Crawlspace release called “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even”. This was originally a CD only release on Released Power Productions. And has now got proper vinyl treatment.

As usual Knives Out Records used the picture disc medium to display the glorious artwork. I think it works great, especially with the die cut three panel fold open sleeve, that gives a glance at the picture disc in the opening.

picture disc in die cut cover
three panel die cut cover
backside of cover with track listing
There are again two different versions made, this is the OG edition that is out of 100 copies. The differences lay in the inside of the covers and the B-sides of the discs.
A side of picture disc
B side of picture disc with numbering near centre hole

As with every record I got from Knives Out Records, it’s the number 10. I would like to say thank you to TonR (label manager and artwork department) for this consistency, I like that.

number 010/100

The early copies also got a book with the flyers as with the Arkangel release. Only now it’s even thicker.

flyer and info book
flyer and info book
wood Crawlspace logo piece
As you can see, everything very detailed and top notch quality again. I’d say get the other version while they are still available at the label at the Knives Out Records webstore.

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