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Deforestation Leads To Extinction


The “Deforestation” single of Culture has always been on my list of wants. And that is because the band Culture is one of the better vegan straight-edge bands out of the United States to me. They have more or less written down and further explained what it is to be straight-edge and vegan to me as a kid in the song ‘Oath’. And on top of that I still like their music unto this day.

Good Life has introduced the band to a larger public here in Europe, no doubt about that. And this introduction broadened the audience for the band also for sure. That’s a win-win situation. Also to me this band was first heard by listening to “Heteronome” on my CD-player, I immediately liked it and started reflecting about straight-edge, vegetarianism and veganism. I bought this one at the Music Mania record store in Ghent.

Besides ‘Oath’ the song ‘Deforestation’ is also featured on that “Heteronome” CD. And that is why I liked it, gave me clear reasons why to protect the forests.

It was only when I started getting more into vinyl that I discovered the existence of this two song seveninch. I got one on black for years but the blue one always stayed out of reach. Recently I scooped one in a last seconds bid on eBay. It went rather cheap but overseas shipping fees added up the total.

Anyway, here it is in all it’s glory, the Culture Deforestation 7 inch on clear blue vinyl:

Culture Deforestation catalyst records xculturex
Culture “Deforestation” 7 inch blue vinyl

The record was released on Catalyst Records Indianapolis, IN. The band is from Florida and had a different vocalist on this recording, Mark. The other recording of ‘Deforestation’ is with Damien from Morning Again, As Friend Rust, etc. The other song on the B-side is ‘Momento Mori’ is against hunting and is also on the V/A “Ceremony Of Fire” compilation.

It was recorded in 1996 and had one of the earlier covers that depicted explicit animal abuse. Many other bands followed like some Surrounded Records releases, but also Reprisal and Arkangel. Not sure if this cover inspired them to do so or not…

Culture “Heteronome” CD on Good Life Recordings

One response to “Deforestation Leads To Extinction”

  1. great find! can't go wrong with some culture on your turntable.

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