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DECADENCE Into The Mouth Of Hell 10 Inch


Growing up with Metalcore in the mid to late 90’s, it is the sound I’m most familiar with and know many different aspects off. Living in the area where the Edge-Metal was created and trademarked. I can’t deny that playing this record brings memories back  to live. But this band comes from the Andalusia area, that is the most Southern area of Spain.

I recognize sounds of previously well-known Hardcore bands I listened too. Sektor and early Firestone are the H8000 sounds I hear the best in it, both bands have that death core edge in them. But I also hear the heavier New York edge, not unlike All Out War. But overall I think this is best compared to Reprisal because of the hardness of the music and the brutality. If these aforementioned bands actually influenced Decadence I leave in the middle…

Decadence Into The mouth of hell cover photo spain vegan straight edge
Decadence “Into The Mouth Of hell” 10 inch
The bleak and agonizing reality reflected in the songtitles

Although I make many comparisons to past bands does not mean it sounds like the same old thing. They make a different mixture using old ingredients. It’s creative enough to give the European Metalcore a new sound and character. Even some modern beat down parts are found. The music was recorded in Winter 2014.

The cover art couldn’t match the title of the record more. It also comes with a double-sided insert. Lyrics are insightful and deal mainly with worldly problems, such as the decay of nature caused by mankind’s first world. But also the decay of societal values. Ofcourse the animal rights song is present on here too. And they are hardline about it too.

While all these subjects are outer-world observations, there is an inner observation also in the last song’s lyrics. About the inner strength that is found by thinking with the mind; “The power of the mind is infinite”. “Condemned to suffer is your decision”. So they close of with a positive note.

Seems like there are a few purple colored copies also, so only one colored version as in the nineties tradition.

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