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DEFEATER Letters Home LP

I’ve been ignorant to Defeater way too long. It was in a conversation between Ed Good Life and me that I became aware about Defeater’s work and impact. I was making the statement that no great records and or classics were made nowadays. Then Ed replied about the change that Defeater had made in Hardcore. Still I remained skeptical about it. I had heard them before and read about some aspects of their work in theory. The melody woven into their sound and the story-telling in the lyrics. Also the time-lapse made in the content. Combined with the ferocious and passionate vocals.

I also had their first LP that was reissued by Bridge 9 and so came more known in 2009. I actually also had the double seven inch from and their second last etched double LP from 2011 called “Empty Days and Sleepless Nights”. I listened to it, but it couldn’t go through me like it now does with this latest album.

So I decided to buy this latest LP also. And now when I’m listening to it. Man, it goes to the bone and I feel such a solace in the melody. The song text are so accurate to and touching my emotions. I like it a lot. Such a deeply felt delivery.

Defeater “Letters Home” LP
Defeater Letters home LP grey vinyl Bridge 9 nine
Lovely grey marbled vinyl
11inches square sized booklet
booklet opened with handwritten texts

The time-lapse I’m talking about is indeed a great change in Hardcore. Usually in Hardcore it goes about the reality that the vocalists experienced themselves (in their own lives). But this is a more objective story-telling about a working class family in the post WWII time-period of USA. But the message remains equally powerful in my opinion.

Musically the vocals are ferocious and capture the same anger and frustration as many other ‘traditional’ hardcore bands. I don’t want to go ahead of history. Because usually history is written a while after the events. But the fact that this is such a substantive change and this coming out on a hardcore label.

Well, I have to agree with Ed Good Life on this one…  This is classical music in the making!

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  1. All of Defeater´s albums are excellent IMO, exactly as you described. I think that they will receive much more attention in the future! I actually wanted to post this last album … somewhen

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