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DTN "All My Sons" Pressing Differences


This record must have the most complex pressing configuration. I’m going to elaborate several pressings with all of the differences. Also note that my collection is a collection without the rejected and accepted test pressings and several limited covers missing too. It’s only meant to show the differences between some of the versions that look alike…

1st press:


ALL versions have the same professionally printed inserts

Cover // A-side // B-side

Record release
The record release has got two blank black labels. Both labels have side-indications done with a silver stamp. One X is A-side, two X’s are B-side.
Sleeve is different in all ways than the regular pressing and the pre-order pressing. This one has a black and white typographical cover with a red stamp on the back indicating the label and these are also numbered on the back.

Pre-order edition
This edition has got printed labels, A-side is the same for this edition and the regular edition. The difference lies in the B-side label. This pre-order version has got a black and white live-shot picture on the B-side.
Different sleeve for this edition also. Black and white sleeve with different photo of live performance.

Regular edition
Besides having the B-side label on color it’s also a different live-scene that is pictured.
Besides being colored, also the live-scene on the cover is different than the pre-order edition.

2nd press:

From this pressing on the inserts become xeroxed ones. They got xeroxed from the first press artwork.

Besides what the Reaper Discography says, there are two second press versions. Sleeves are identical for both versions, also the A-side labels are identical from each other but also identical to the first presses (except to the record release).

The difference between both versions lies in the stamps on the blank B-side label.

  1. The common version has got a bat stamp
  2. The limited version has got a spiderweb stamp, and also ‘DTN’ stamped between the two text-lines
Cover // A-side // B-side
3rd press:

Is the first colored vinyl version of this release, CLEAR vinyl. Also the vinyl labels change. There is new artwork made for them. 
Also the lettering on the sleeve changes from white to yellow.
4th press:

Looks black, but is actually dark purple colored vinyl. Also vinyl labels change again. They are both blank black and are stamped again with a silver ink but the text of the stamp changes to ‘Reaper Records’.

This sleeve version adapts the color change of the lettering from white to yellow also.

3 responses to “DTN "All My Sons" Pressing Differences”

  1. Yes I know! I wasn't truying to be complete here. I was trying to show the differences between. Anyway Wade, there is an disapproved test and approved test.I've had a conversation with DTN on Twitter. They did not mention an Edge Day cover. But they did mention two recently released covers made by Reaper. It concerns the Calvin and Hobbes out of 14. The eBay copy was number 14 out of 14….

  2. I believe there's also an Edge Day Cover from 2012 maybe out of 24 and just recently there was one on ebay with calvin from calvin and hobbes pissing on the verse logo, out of 10 I think it said? There's also an Australian pressing from Dead Souls Records with three versions that I know of and maybe a test?

  3. There is an Edge Day cover out of 24. Also along with the pissing on Verse logo, they had more left overs and have a cover with a live shot of the band I believe to be out of 16?. As for the Australian Press, there's one on clear with pink splatter numbered out of 100, one on black, and I'm not sure about the other. I'm only missing that third Australian Press and test if there is one, and the spider web stamp.

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