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Dying Fetus "Destroy The Opposition" LP


Most of you know that I collect Good Life Recordings releases on vinyl. And most of you probably relate that label to Edge-Metal and Metalcore in general. Hardcore message with a strong metal influence in the music. Those are the genres I grew up with in the 90’s. Oddly people like me love the mix of Hardcore and Metal but aren’t really listening to ‘pure’ Metal especially not in those days.
Also the more outspoken Hardcore bands like Youth Of Today, Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, etc. were unknown for me back then. Only later I started to dig in the earlier history of Hardcore. But never I was really into all those Metal bands or genres.

Dying Fetus “Destroy The Opposition” LP
Back cover tells us Good Life Recordings once cooperated with Relapse Records

Today for the first time I gave this record a good attentive listen and yes, it worked for me. I appreciate the technical skills, the vocal precision and brutality. But hell yeah, such a good album overall. These songs are catchy, yet more difficult than the average Hardcore song. The intro alone is pure genius. I don’t specialize in Metal and all the sub-genres but I can safely say this is Death Metal greatness! Must be the first time I can enjoy a Metal masterpiece.
I remember a colleague telling me he saw Dying Fetus in the youth house of my birth town and that he found it really good. So now I can relate finally.

clear and solid blue vinyl, both colors versions of this LP

In my quest to build up a decent Good Life label collection I am still surprised by the musical quality the bands from their roster deliver. Especially with this Dying Fetus LP from the year 2000. I never really thought I would find a copy of this album on blue vinyl. I was actually searching eBay for other titles, but somehow I got distracted and started looking into a random Belgian seller’s items. I saw some Nirvana records but was actually not so interested. But suddenly I realized that this one was up there.
I don’t know the pressing numbers but there’s a few of the clear one on Discogs, while a blue version is never sold up there. So the blue versions seems a lot rarer. I guess we will never know…

2 responses to “Dying Fetus "Destroy The Opposition" LP”

  1. It is a one timer. I don't have any other releases of both labels together. Relapse was most likely a bit different in the year 2000 than it is now. Relapse Records probably has some roots in the Hardcore scene…

  2. nice blue vinyl. saw a copy on ebay recently too. maybe the same auction.funny that goodlife and relapse teamed up for this. seems like an odd choice for goodlife. are there any more collaborations of these two labels?

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