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It is hard to describe Floorpunch! But I figure I have to look at this in two ways; from the inside (like a fan) and from the outside (by doing a contextual reflection).

Inside of the lyric sheet you can find several approaches of Floorpunch insiders and also a brief history / genesis of the band by Brett Beach who put out the “Division One Champs” 7” on his label called ‘In My Blood Records’. This label and the band are undividable connected to each other. I think that fans of the band really were bothered by the seriousness and movement character of hardcore in the nineties. They still listened to and loved the old school sound and ethics. Floorpunch gave them what they needed in the 90’s: a good, clean and fun message and fantastic live shows. They did approach hardcore in the true vein it is all about; friendship and criticism towards drugs and other styles of music. Logically by playing an energetic and 80’s New York Hardcore sound. They did it respectfully and like the best of the 90’s decade.

When I look at this from the outside by comparing them to other influential and defining bands of the nineties, I come to the conclusion that Floorpunch did a challenging and courageous move. They did a step back and militantly stressed the fact that hardcore changed and not always for the best, because it lost it’s humor and spontaneity. Playing good old youth crew was not a decision I think but a spontaneous urge, impossible to neglect.

About the record, this time no collecting mania for me; I have the most common version. When I saw the first copies of the tour press appearing on the bay I quickly realized that this discography is a huge hype. I’ve seen pictures from three colours of this; tiger stripe, solid gold and clear. But there’s also a mystery fourth colour.

I didn’t even bother to order the record straight from Six Feet Under Records, because I have never got an LP that wasn’t damaged from them!! So wisely I waited and ordered it from the Good Life webstore so that I was sure that it arrived in great shape.

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