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Forward To Eden is a one man band that carries out a strong and uncompromising message of vegan living. And this from an honest and introspective way of writing lyrics. “Eden” is not a religious state or place but a society with one standard and one ethic; veganism. Or as Tim calls it, veganocracy. The cover has a dead bird that died from being fed plastic. This image is an apt icon of what is happening and what will happen to our planet. It’s a perfect trigger for writing down my vision of our future, if we refuse to change:

In the oceans where all life began, the start of the end is proclaimed. If we fail to end wasting all our plastic, toxins and various other pollutants in the ocean. We kill the main link of the life support systems chain. Dead oceans can only lead to dead land. Climate will be further deranged also and we will drastically decrease our chances of survival. Because our food, climate and other physical conditions and thus our survival on this lonely planet are based upon life support systems created and provided by mother nature.
We need to drastically change our blind faith in the never ending possibilities of nature’s exploitation. We definitely need to learn to live in harmony with with nature. If mankind does not die as a race because of a war caused by fighting over scarce food, water, fertile land and shelter, we will be eventually die because of not being anymore nature left. I think we are not able to flee to Mars. I also think about the exponential birth rates of humans on this small planet.
A slacking economy is what needs to open our eyes. Even if we manage to continue to live like this, oil and gas will eventually be gone. Our air will be polluted, or water will be polluted. Richer people might live a tad longer because they can afford better food, water and health care but eventually they will die a lonely death too. Because the basic layer of poorer people will be gone and economy will be deranged too. The population pyramid will crumble down when the bottom is weakened. If we fail to live in harmony with each other and nature there will be no hail. Science will be no solution as there is no education possible anymore too. 

Veganism is more than compassion with other species and animals in my eyes. It’s bringing attention too all risks described above. A way of life to be clean with yourself and not being part of the problem but the solution. It’s compassion with other life and conducting a far less selfish behavior. It’s an attempt to be at harmony and a long term vision upon our survival.

The music that accompanies the hardline message is melodic Death Metal. That’s a rather rare fact in Hardcore. If not to say this brings renewal to the Vegan Straight-Edge scene over it’s entire life span. A daring choice to make. And I think it’s great…

The package is great also, quality cover with quality vinyl and a laminated inner sleeve to protect the shiny vinyl from getting scratched. There are several special cover versions and also a colored version. Brown vinyl is Catalyst Records exclusive. And the special cover version is the record release. Here are some photo’s:

There are also other formats, the tape version and a CD version.

Go check out the Bound By Modern Age webshop for the vinyl record, CD or tape.

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