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Golden Bullet Full Length Review

I really like the rational and ethical approach of Golden Bullet to the world. They have witnessed betrayal, loss of morals, violations of trust and truth. It has made them to what they are and what they do. Although they still care and haven’t forgot the foundation respectful living, something that typifies the h8000 scene. Musically they have a rather Brussels Hardcore violent side while not reacting foolishly or sickly aggressive to certain facts. This comes clear when you read the lyrics. They are very interesting, I wanted to go in depth on them. So the majority of review is the lyrics. But I really like the music too, so I won’t neglect that. The review goes from the first too the last song in the order they are set on the CD, here goes:

Golden Bullet realizes that people surrounding you in life aren’t always what they seem to be especially in times of separation when growing up. Times like these really get you on the verge of tolerance and patience with these people. When friendship sprouts betrayal that can’t be ethically justified, separation reigns.

Agonizing as this is, people carry that burden, by which they are put on the test. Aggression seems the reaction but pure reflection about all this seems to be the strongest power. These realizations at a young age really differs Golden Bullet from the mainstream. In the song “Faster Than The World” they make a musically very strong image of their power of reflection. The main element is a steady and aggressive hard hitting pace that diverges slowly in a surreal chaotic sound. By this the personal tragedy seems eased. They have grown out of it with power of mind.

Another salvation is the element of time by which they learned and selected what is still ethically relevant and what makes a person strong. Times change and they feel they need to also but why let the good elements aside if they are still in you, they say fuck off to those that seems to loose the good things in the flow of time. That’s what I like about this band!

“Medicine Turns Into Disease” is a title I do not really get, although I fully get the lyrics. This train is not on track, they say. Another critic they deliver on this world and a good one, one full of scepticism and hard realism. A realization that really pisses them of when you hear the music…

A song that is emotionally charged follows, “Coldness” it is called. The world as it should be according to them is pretty far from that perfect picture inside their head. The air of the world they breath is death, this world doesn’t bring life, it smashes them in the face instead. This existential realization gives them fear, this world is in it’s deepest shade of black.

As I mentioned before, reflection seem to be the defense in this modern way of life. They also realize this and approve it; “Storms Of Enlightenment” is about that gift. Storms of  enlightenment bring keys to locked doors… Make your own creation, you got hands to shape!

The title-track “Downfall Of Humanity” seems to reveal what they see as downfall; greed, ignorance, hate, perversity and immorality. They hint that nowadays apocalypse in man-made, because of all this. Very to the point song…Even memories that are good fade to a shade of grey. Foundations are cracked by living in war with the world.

They really aren’t living in symbiosis with this world, this is what they say in the song “Grey”. They feel like misfits amongst the crowds, the only way is to carve their own path and walk their own way. This song really has a strong tendency towards the old h8000 philosophy. They stayed true…

The next song “Theory Of The Fearless” is about suicide. The darkness that sometimes indulgences people can lead to failure but that same darkness is not feared by Golden Bullet, they rise out the shadows of that same darkness. And aren’t influenced by the chains of that fear, reflection has made them stronger instead… again.

The next song “My Blood Burns” is a realization of the darkness inside them. Life that flows through their veins burns those same veins. They become their own enemy. Although this is merely an impression to my opinion. Beaten by all the sadness this world brings, witnessing all this, it enters your mind. It crawls slowly inside of you but is not a part of inner-self I think, rather a passenger existing out of thought.
It is a nice phrase, that same life that flows through one’s vein can burn them also. It’s a dark mindset though…

The “Gold.Betray.Bullets” song is a painful one. Somehow trust in somebody or even more people, can be violated. This is also for me a very delicate subject. In your youth and even adult life you look up to some people, they promise you gold and you get bullets in the back, as they phrase it very well. Lessons learned, building bridges over the endless looking abyss can only be done by yourself. So there can’t be no more betrayal! Another aspect is this; submission. You must never take someone’s hand blindly and let them build your bridges.

The last song is about when reason doesn’t always prevail. Sometimes you just want to settle the score. Especially when they rudely harm the truth and disrespected the ideals. It really pisses one off. Stir found in the Length Of Time -esque riff really gives you the exact same feeling. It’s a natural way of life; violence brings violence and can’t always be absorbed…

Conclusion: Great nowadays H8000 metalcore, with a strong message and music! They learned from the past and it hasn’t brought them down, on the contrary. They have build a strong ethical mind. I’m loving it!
While it was a long time ago that I felt like moshing when hearing the music that is for fans of Length Of Time, All Out War and even Congress.

PS: A note that I got from Ed goodlife needs to be mentioned here, the artwork used for the cover and the layout is from the French artist Gustave Doré. Wiki it!

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