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Gorilla Biscuits & Conne Island

Gorilla Biscuits and Revelation Records made this special 7 inch to donate the benefits to the Conne Island project in Leipzig, Germany. The club is described in the liner notes as their second home. Now that New York’s CBGB’s died, their favourite club to play. They immediately felt the spark with the public and club when they played there for the first time.

The pressing has got a cover based on the classic gorilla cover, so it’s still very recognisable but unique for the release and themed Conne Island. The back has got a photo of the public and singer in live action instead of the only band in live action. The mentioning of the version ‘Conne Island exclusive’ is adopted in the Revelation logo on the backside. 
The inside is printed, there you’ll find the full story of the pressing. There is also numbering, my copy is numbered 117/350, that is presumably the Revelation Press numbering. Along with this version comes the Coretex exclusive numbering on the inner sleeve, consistently it’s number 17/100. There is also a Conne Island stamp on that dustsleeve. On top of that, the double sided insert also has a new layout with new photo’s and lyrics included.

It’s the first time that they pressed this on gold vinyl but it is according to the Sick Of It All Conne Island 25th anniversary edition, that is also on gold vinyl. This colour is a perfect choice for this release, it looks great. 17 is a top 20 number, so it’s early enough for me. Thanks to Marc (@circlestorm69) from Instagram for the heads up about the pre-orders at Coretex Records…

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  1. I am glad that you have one too, the dedication of loyally watching IG pays off. I am wondering what number you'll get, as they might reflect who was earlier and quicker in ordering this 7 inch.

  2. Good one to get. well done! Nice to see some pics while I wait for mine to arrive…

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