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Records With History And Future is looking for guest writers and authors now!!

Mission Statement:
Hardcore Punk is not so easily documented and there should be an online data centre that people can rely on for decades to come. Our mission is to make this a rich and content driven website. To build up the knowledge base online in an interactive and transparent way.

Many people know and like things about Hardcore Punk and therefore many people have valuable things to say about Hardcore Punk. If you want to discus a record you have been listening to since your youth. If you have attended a show you want to tell about. If you have photo’s that need to be shown. If you did a label, small or big, that needs to be documented. If you wrote a fanzine that needs to be preserved. Or something completely else that’s valuable for keeping in the online archives. Then contact me with what you want to bring into the database.

There are several options to bring your info on the site. You can become a follower and discuss or comment to the existing content. You can certainly write things under your own name as writer. You will be permanently mentioned as the writer of the post. If you are really serious about this project to you can become more involved and become an author with own publishing rights. But let’s not get too far ahead. Drop me a mail with your motivation and a resume of the content you want to bring: .

Every person who has contributed will be mentioned in a public list with his or her real name or pseudonym.

Records With History And Future has always been a positive approach to Hardcore. If you know something to contribute please get in touch for more information.

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