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Hands Upon Salvation “Heresy”

Hands Upon Salvation, the Indonesian Metalcore band has returned with a great album, called “Heresy”. Hands Upon Salvation has released three albums over the past 15 years. The first, from 2004, is called “Celebrate The Newborn” and is their darkest album filled with fast and cold Death Metal influenced riffs. In 2012 they released “Entity”, on that album they added more melody to a still fast and angry sound. The one choice of sound didn’t replace the other, it was balanced perfectly.

Last year they released “Heresy”, their most mature album to date. On this recording they added even more melody to their riffing. The music stays heavy and fast, yet it’s easier to consume than previous albums. Not easy to fulfill both wishes for a band. They have succeeded in my opinion.

Lyrics are abstract and filled with dark imagery. The song texts reflect an ethical mind that thinks about the world and about religion. A mind that looks for purity, values and an ethical way of living. And a mind that thinks about the place a person can take in the surrounding chaos of political power, sins and world conflicts.

Hands Upon Salvation “Heresy”
slipcase CD cover

The CD was released in Europe by Mark My Words Records from the United Kingdom. Also Bound By Modern Age from Germany has released the album on tape.

Hands Upon Salvation “Heresy”
cassette by Bound By Modern Age
Embrace The Nineties

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