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Time to update the database of the blog with some 00’s nostalgia that has not been posted yet. There was this band called IRON BOOTS featuring Flza from FIRE AND ICE on drums. They had a nice old-school vibe, sounding a lot like Warzone. I still listen to the compilation CD regularly.

But who cares abut collecting American 00’s-era records anyway? Isn’t it all about Dischord and Revelation? And will the next generation still care about what they listened to when they went to school and had friends to share CD’s and records with and saw these bands live? Will they still want to spend a lot of money for that nostalgia-driven hunger for knowledge and tangible formats? They’ll need to do a huge effort since nowadays pressing-histories are quite complex with all those different colors and sleeves of one single release…

Anyway, I started collecting in that decade so I see it as a duty to share my knowledge. I already updated DISCOGS with photo’s and pressing info of some hard to find BRAIN GRENADE RECORDS stuff. Also updated my post concerning this matter. Making things ready for the next generation of collectors to strive for and complete collections of.

First thing updated was the debut 7inch of BRACEWAR:

  • colored versions photo’s
  • one of the two sleeve-colors of the Record Release
  • pressing information
  • also added the tape of the first demo

Second band updated was WAR HUNGRY from which the debut 7inch also was on Brain Grenade Records.

And that’s how we come to the first IRON BOOTS record I wanted and scored on theB9 board. Had to wait a long time to receive it and got paranoid since it was the first trade I did through the old B9 tradeboard. As it turned out, the person I traded with broke his hand and couldn’t decently package things up… Those times were awesome.

Let’s try to remember everything I know about it. Brain Grenade was the second label who released their demotape on a 7inch. This Gold version was highly sought after. I think the first label was called Damaged Records.

iron boots brain grenade demo 2004 vinyl gold 7 inch version
Brain Grenade Records Press

Then a few years later, the record was still sought-after and Grave Mistake Records repressed it for the last time. Red labels for the first press, grey was the one and only color of that repress.

iron boots grave mistake demo 2004 seveninch version vinyl grey gray
Grave Mistake Records Press

But they also had a record called “Easy Green”, referring to making fast cash on the street by selling drugs. Also pressed three times, I’m sure. The GREEN version is second press and out of 500 copies. Also the only color existing.

iron boots easy green green vinyl 7 inch record version brain grenade grave mistake record
Green Vinyl: 500 made (second press)

The last 7inch I had of the band was this one, probably on of the even harder to find ones, because it was out of 100 copies only on WHITE. The other copies are Black and were out of 900. Pressed by Boredom Kills Records.

iron boots weight of the world vinyl white color 7 inch parts unknown collapse records
White Vinyl: 100 made

[EDIT:] Nico Sailin On added pressing info of his own. It coincides with what I thought but he further detailed and specified it. So thanks to him here it is:

Demo 2004

Iron Boots – Demo – Damaged
Iron Boots – Demo (orange met pin, pre-order edition) – Damaged
Iron Boots – Demo (orange, Damaged records can suck it sleeve #6/10) – Damaged
Iron Boots – Demo (green, Posi Fest editie out of #100) – Damaged


  1. I pre-ordered these but never got them in the mail from the label. After complaint the band made the DAMAGED RECORDS CAN SUCK IT SLEEVE using left-over vinyl.
  2. I personally picked up the green one on the last day of POSI NUMBERS FEST in 2004 in Wilkes-Barre PA.
Iron Boots – Demo (gold) – Brain Grenade
Iron Boots – Demo (Iron Boots Crew #34/75) – Brain Grenade
Iron Boots – Demo – Brain Grenade
A few years after the Gold this record was repressed on Brain Grenade. The Iron Boots Crew Sleeve was made for friends and the Release Show of this reissue on Brain Grenade.
GRAVE MISTAKE PRESSING (3rd and 4th pressing)
Iron Boots – Demo (red label) – Grave Mistake
Iron Boots – Demo (grey, red label) – Grave Mistake
Iron Boots – Demo (red label with last show sleeve #’d/150) – Grave Mistake

4th press:
Iron Boots – Demo (orange label) – Grave Mistake

Weight Of The World 
Iron Boots – Weight Of The World – Boredom Kills
Iron Boots – Weight Of The World (white) – Boredom Kills
Iron Boots – Weight Of The World (record release) – Boredom Kills
White vinyl is a pre-order version, it took me 5 years to find it for a reasonable price. Although I pre-ordered it and never received a thing.
Easy Green
Was initially planned as a one-time pressing, but ended up being pressed three times.
1st press: 
Iron Boots – Easy Green (#22/500, gemaakt voor Positive Numbers Fest 2005) – Grave Mistake 
2nd press: 
Iron Boots – Easy Green (green) – Grave Mistake 
There were 500 pressed, but ca. 100 were poor quality and were trashed. Then the pressing plant pressed about 200 new ones on Black. That is the reason there came a third press.
Sleeves for them were made, silk-screened.
3rd press:
Iron Boots – Easy Green (black, 3rd press 200) – Grave Mistake 

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