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Judge Bringin’ It Down on purple


I’m so happy to be able to pick this one up finally. For many just a repress by Revelation. But for me rather special because I don’t usually pick up Revelation stuff. Revelation decided to repress the Judge LP on colored vinyl along with a black pressing on 180 grams vinyl. They had a good reason to do it. Previous year marked the 25th anniversary of this classic.

Judge “Bringin’ It Down” LP 25th anniversary edition with embossed lettering

Hard to describe this record in words. Everybody knows it also. Listening to this still gives me shivers. A harder and darker kind of youth crew Hardcore at the end of the 80’s. One of the so many good New York Hardcore titles. Although they weren’t the pioneers of that style, they did write a honorable record. Pressed on three colors only throughout it’s history. Whether this is little or a lot, I leave in the middle. To nowadays standards three color versions is not much, especially for 25 years of existence. But it makes it so much more special… Although some will not be so happy with another color version I suppose. At least I’m happy with it.

Judge “Bringin’ It Down” LP 25th anniversary edition
Clear purple vinyl and die cut insert with the Judge Hammers

I was in a serious doubt whether to order this or not. I keep my hands of Revelation Records vinyl. Initially this version was a Revelation version only. So I could order it only there. And shipping from California requires extra taxes above the already high shipping rates nowadays. Let stand that Belgian customs can inspect the shipment also and charge another tax upon me. So I didn’t take the risk.
Past week I started seeing those Judge represses pop up in European distro’s, so I started to get interest again. Especially because some (not all) distributors had colored copies in stock, I decided to buy it. from Germany had the best price and had some other titles I needed. So yeah I took it and even took myself a spare copy to save and cherish.

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