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Kevin Finn and his recordcollection outtake

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Yep, that’s right Kevin Finn -former rev employee and founder of the Revelation Records trade board- takes out his records from the box because someone asked him to do so. As we know Kevin, he does this with style and knowledgeable words.

He is also the compiler of the hidden Revelation pressing info. And the inspiration for the website made in 2022 with the Revelation Records and New Age Records pressing info, called True Till Rev. This is a website made by two Europeans, Ferry Krop and Nico Welmer from The Netherlands and Bart Inghelbrecht from Belgium.

If you are an 80’s Rev collector or like COS you will enjoy these for sure. You will see records that you will never see again. And most likely never hold in your hands…

The video is no longer published on the internet.

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