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Liar "Invictus" Remaster

reissue record cover

Last year, before the end of it, FX7 Records released the reissue of Liar “Invictus” LP. As I already mentioned “Invictus” is a milestone for the H8000 scene and beyond. The records was remastered by Midas Studio. The same studio as for the original mix. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the result of that remastering. Hard to describe what makes it sound different. The songs are hard and so well written by Josh, that the fury of this recording is well-received. And this remaster further enhances this listening pleasure, as it sounds less raw, harsh and more polished. I know that as a diehard H8000 fan, who lived through the 90’s, it would supposedly be the original mastering that’s preferred. But this one is not bad at all. The vocals also polished to an extent, it makes them sound less harsh.

For the limited edition, the packaging is top notch, less is more all the way. FX7 Records screened the sleeves themselves. And let press the record on white 180 grams vinyl. There is a stamp on the centre label in red ink as you can see from the picture:

The limited version was called “Die Hard Edition”. If you are interested in checking out the remastered version, you can still do that, as there is a regular black version pressed also with a regular cover.

With all of this comes a sheet with the story of the making of this record. It has some interesting facts, but I am sure that all the songs were not written in a month as the sheet states. It also has the mentioning of collectors, that they said that the original is only a 300 pressed. And that makes them pretty rare. So this was a motive to let them be pressed again. And made back available for a while.

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