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Lifecycle Album Review

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I got to know this band by the H8000 compilation and the talks between me and an old friend who saw the band once. What definitely differs this band from the rest are the clean metallic sound and the female melodic vocals. Besides this being hardcore music it is pure poetry and emotion also.

Describing sound in words isn’t exactly my best skill, but will give it a try:

Firstly the music; this band has a metal tinged sound that makes the music clean with no frills or superfluous instrument sounds; it is just the essence to create an aggressive metalcore or edge-metallic sound. I love that cleanness and the less is more approach for sure as some of the readers already know.

Secondly the vocals; they are melodic yet very accurate to the moshy music and full of passion and a changing temperament lies within them. The melodic parts are totally a pleasure to hear but the screams are very remaining and terrifying. Make no illusions, when this girl sings it goes right through you.

That’s it is definitely hardcore but also poetry and emotion will become clear when reading the following song descriptions:


A good starting song to set pieces of the chessboard in position. A common problem is discussed here; the machismo of the boys in the scene, Sofie tells us clearly that both sexes opinions and intellect are equal. And good statement to begin with, in my opinion.

“Can we make a change”

Is a protest song about child labor and when she starts to scream it goes right through you. The screams are supported by the guitars who go very angry and ominous, this is pure aggression, a reaction to societies abuse of children and people in general. Very remaining song.


Is a didgeridoo instrumental by Karel the guitarist. A good chill out song after the previous very true and pinpointing song “Can We Make A Change”.

“Find my way”

Is about the existential quest of self-development and growing solely. Very good verbalization of the feelings that go along with it. Symbols of clouds and birds are used, those are metaphors for growing free. And again the screams and the music that display the fighting for freedom.

“Pervert Man”

A song for girls only to comprehend, about a character that does bad things to girls. Cool that the male band members support this song with moshy and again ominous riffage.

“Struggle For Life”

These lyrics are written by Vincent SPIRIT OF YOUTH and the backing vocals are by Paco BUILDING (now in True Colors) and Saskia Verbeke (who does the vocals in later SHORTSIGHT). The text is about the ideas, ethics and morals of the H8000 crew. The friendship and the togetherness as a force for obtaining freedom and rights. The core words are Vegetarian, poisonfree and Straight-edge. It comes from the heart… Paco screams in this song and that’s something he doesn’t often do, also yells youthcrew at the end of the song.

“Have to Forget”

This songs gives me shivers, it is pure musical and lyrical poetry. About a thing that affects us all, the loss of a loved one. Wether by death or a relation brake. Again the music is very accurate to the lyrics. With floaty parts and screams, feelings are displayed within the music.

Girl power for sure, with the returning constant of the symbols clouds and birds; flying as a metaphor for freedom and independence. This is the core of LIFECYCLE I think.

As a side note I would like to share an observation here. The use of uncommon instruments in punk or hardcore – here with lifecycle, the didgeridoo – is a trademark for the H8000 I think. They are often used: Blindfold – violin, Sektor – piano, Congress – Keyboard, … This only proves the musicianship of the band members!

And last but not least, I have edited the H8000 compilation vol. 3 post with some extra pictures of a rare cover and a one of a kind color version. Go check that out !

Lifecycle “Can We Make A Change”

7 responses to “Lifecycle Album Review”

  1. Most people didn't understood why I released this one on SMR, I simply got blown away by the band if they played their set live, full of energy and definitely band with something extra to say…The cd artwork sucks and there was No way they would change the idea they had in mind. Nowadays, I would have refused that kind of artwork for the full 100%.

  2. woow… I can't believe what I'm reading here… This is by far the most positive review I've seen… Jurgen, our former bassplayer showed me this… I didn't know there were people who liked our music that much!! I miss our Lifecycle-days… We had a great time…About the artwork… we only had the drawings, made by Nele, Karels sister… the colours and other stuff were added by that guy at the GL-office… Forgot his name… We had no idea what to do for artwork, and we were glad we had our CD… Looking at the artwork now, I know it's not the most attractive lay out there is… But does it matter? I'm still very glad we had the chance to make this CD… I'm very proud of it… it took us a lot of effort to convince someone from the band to go on Sobermind Records… But to me it was an honour to be on SMR!Thanks a lot!That SteveXXX

  3. Hi Steve,Sven (Aborted) was the lay-out guy at the GL office..I'll remember the tensed atmosphere between the Lifecycle members and him. :)I'm also still very proud I released this album.Hans.XXX

  4. Woow, talking about a quick response…Yep, Sven it was… hehe… it's been a long time…These blogs are cool! :)When will there be a Blindfold reunion? ;o)that Stevexxx

  5. No BF reunion it seems…checked with the other guys last year. I'm still into doing that.

  6. Hi Steve, I'm glad you like it…Respectfull Regards,Willem

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