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Madball set if off


Madball’s debut LP is reissued on a German label called Backbite Records. Previously Music On Vinyl also reissued the Demonstrating My Style LP. I wanted to buy only one of both, so I had to choose. I thought the earlier the better, so I ended up ordering this one.

This is a piece of though and raw Hardcore, straight from the streets of New York. Many bands followed, inspired by this sound. The darker side of New York Hardcore, pretty far away from the well-known Youth Crew Hardcore style and way of living but still originated in the same scene. For both it’s the music that keeps them on track.

As you can see at the graffiti on the top of the picture sleeve: “DMS 94 Madball”, the release year of the original pressing.

I only own one LP of the band, this one. I think it’s quite representative for the genre so I guess I will stick to this one alone also.

2 responses to “Madball set if off”

  1. i have a clear blue copy but i have to admit, your grey marble looks way better. i am tempted to buy a copy of that version as well. ahh, a collector's pain…my favourite madball album!

  2. I don't care about the colour or number pressed of a reissue.

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