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Nasty: Hardcore In The Age Of Modernity

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This Belgium and Germany based band really breaks it up good. Musically they shred through everything and smash through the boundaries of heavy hardcore. This is extremely hard Beat Down drawing influences from the prototype 90’s Belgian metallic hardcore and the intense heaviness of German contemporary metal acts. But in a way also rooted in the rich Vegan Straight Edge musical tradition of European Hardcore.

This record is hard to take and to listen at. It isn’t easy to fully keep enjoying this music because it is very punishing. Like Ed Good Life (the label owner) said it is a sensation. This sensation is also brought to the readers by the lyrics that Matthi (vocalist) writes. He allocates images of murder, anorexia, warfare, … So it is not only modernity in the subjects he writes about but also in the way he builds up those images with words. Reading this is just like watching shocking images on a television. This symbolic way of communicating with the fans is something that I have never experienced as this present in a Hardcore record.

Those lyrical images are (in the fine Good Life tradition) again pleading for a better world free of the diseases of modernity. Like cowardice bombardments on innocent civilians in the wars, being sociological imposed to look like a skeleton, getting murdered on the streets because of drug issues, etc.

This modern piece of Beat Down is definitely worth the term HARDCORE. And is definitely a 100% Good Life Recordings worthy album. Pioneering is something Good Life has always done and this album certainly paves the same path.
This because it is taking you uncompromisingly to better attitude and convictions.
As far as this innovation goes, it gets even more innovative by releasing the limited to a hundred pieces Holly D. edition. Although that is what Good Life wants to see in Hardcore. Fine music empowered by a fine looking girl like Holly D.

I am rather critical towards this evolution but wouldn’t mind if it does happen, it is good clean fun I guess. But I wouldn’t like to see girls being used as a mascot or a cheer leader for new releases. We aren’t selling a race car here! But rather a message for the kids and the next generation.

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