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No More Mr. Nice Guy


The Raw Deal demo was in it’s earliest form a cassette only release. Somewhere in the middle of previous decade Dead Serious Records from Germany pressed the tracks onto a 7 inch to be sold within a box set and some separately. Now the band has self-released this demo on a 12 inch. There are three colours pressed, this is the most common but best looking version, grey vinyl.

Raw Deal demo LP grey vinyl

The record has got some cool live photo’s on the back side and on the printed inner sleeve.

Killing Time “Brightside” LP yellow vinyl

Next record is the first Killing Time LP, called “Brightside”. Apart from a release on Lost And Found, this record hasn’t been pressed on vinyl since it was originally released by In-Effect Records way back in 1989. I had never heard this title before, so this added extra magic to receiving these. Sounds good, not too complexly written, simple but effective, as is most New York Hardcore.

Yellow vinyl /800
Grey vinyl /800

And I have to say, I am happy to have the copies that look best, didn’t care about the limitation of these. Those more limited copies look way less good than these. Yellow vinyl to match the lettering and grey marbled to match the entire cover of the demo LP.

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