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Record Collection Outtake: Colored Revelation Classics

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Those who read my record list critically should have noticed that the NYHC section isn’t that rich in content nor in collectors items. So I took it to the bay and boosted it because I was able to buy the following records in one deal and all in Near Mint to Mint condition while paying only once for shipping:

  • JUDGE “New York Crew” second pressing on Revelation
  • JUDGE “The Storm” black
  • ICEMEN “Rest In Peace” red vinyl

Only with these, the arrears of my NYHC collection are way made up. But I also got some COLORED Revelation Record classics, that dropped in perfect condition last week. Not a single ding or bent caused by shipping and the vinyl looks pretty much unplayed. So these were very, very welcome in my collection and since I have them nothing is the same.

The first one I already have on black wax and with maroon labels. But this version is actually a very rare record and a special one. Rare because it is the rarest color ever pressed (out of 333) and special because it is the final press of this classic, done in April 2001.

  • Mike Judge – vocals
  • Porcell – Guitar (YOT)
  • Matt Pincus – bass
  • Sammy Siegler – drums (GB)

The Chung King sessions were pressed on a 110 made white vinyl LP that is now the highly sought-after and ultimate punk record, called ‘Chunk King Can Suck It’.

Their blatant, hatefull, in your face straight-edge approach was triggered by the hate sxe had to endure in the late 80’s. Porcell and Mike were disillusioned and pissed off by the fact that former straight-edgers now hung out at bars and became drinkers. I like that darker straight-edge thing about JUDGE because sxe isn’t always that pretty and bright. This militant straight-edge approach was the spark for many bands to follow especially in the 90’s.

The next record is also a youth crew record. But this time with very young people. I think you already know what I’m talking about; the band BOLD and the record is their first on Revelation Records called ‘SPEAK OUT’.
The record was released in 1988, after members played in a band called Crippled Youth. This record is recorded at Electric Reels in March-December ’87. Alex Brown of Schism Fanzine and Gorilla Biscuits made pictures for this record’s layout.
Normally this record has a gatefold sleeve, at least for the first 3 presses. But this press, also the final press, has got a normal sleeve and is for the first time on colored vinyl. It comes on YELLOW vinyl with slight darker yellow swirls. This version was pressed on April 27, 2001. A notably pressing info fact is that for the 4th press a green testpressing was done, just because there was a green wax leftover at the pressing plant.

Other various records I got are the first BLINDFOLD LP “Restrain The Thought” on black wax and the most famous BLACK FLAG LP called “Damaged” also on black wax and it is an old press, which makes it very charming.

Another record I got (from a different seller) is the most essential hardcore record out there. I’m talking about the GORILLA BISCUITS full length ‘Start Today’. This is magic all over. My copy comes on RED vinyl but is still sealed so I’m unable to show you it. The proof is that there is a color vinyl sticker on it. And since the first colored copy (purple) didn’t come with such a sticker and given the fact that there are only two colors pressed, this is the red out of 310. It is also the final press done on January 04, 2002.

Given the musical context or other bands playing in the scene during the same time, this is a step aside from the pack. They are more original and this striving for difference in sound and attitude is also what defines hardcore and it’s attitude.
But why I’m saying that this is the most essential? I think this band has the power to divide the real from the rest. Being real and true is the most essential in hardcore. Staying true to yourself, being sincere is what makes the difference because everybody is unique. Just go by good intentions, working hard, being critical, self-reflection, questioning others and you’ll make the difference. I think this is the main message of the record. And don’t wait to work on your attitude but start today…

While I’m at it, I also got a skateboard from the Biscuits. I didn’t want to ride it, but I couldn’t resists, so it has some damage. I ordered this at RevHQ and put on Grind King axes. I think it looks very fine. I usually don’t collect toys as much as collect records but I’m still glad I have it. I also like the name of the manufacturer: ROCK ON!! And this is a good message to end with.

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  1. nice catch on the Judge LP! has been on my wanted list for a while 😉

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