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Regression demo 1995


The Regression demo was recorded at A La Carte Studio in Ostend during 14 and 15 October 1995. After the demo was released they were soon picked up by Good Life Recordings to release the Heartless CD in 1996 and later the split with Breach in 1997 also for Good Life Recordings. The Heartless CD also has some of the demo tracks included.

This post features the five songs of the original audio cassette in five separate music video’s.

Regression demo 1995: Beacon
Regression demo 1995: Deceit
Regression demo 1995: Heartless
Regression demo 1995: Reject
Regression demo 1995: Outro

Regression play groovy, slower and heavy Hardcore, influenced by Metal. Bands such as Carcass and Machinehead were influential. But also Integrity and Ringworm were influences (1). The Integrity-influence is also audible in the song “Reject” as the first guitar’s intro is exactly the same as Integrity’s “Kingdom Of Heaven”.

Regression were connected by skateboarding and were inspired by the Straight-Edge and vegetarian lifestyle by bands like Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits and Earth Crisis (1).

The line up for the demo was David Decoutere, Niek Jacobsen, Björn Lescouhier (earlier in Shortsight) and Kristof Taveirne. Before that there were two drummers. Initially it was Shah. After him came Raf (who also drummed for Liar Falls Of Torment) (1). And then eventually came Björn (2).

They played a reunion show for the release of the H8000 DVD together with Nations On Fire and Solid in November 2018. For which there was also released a compilation record of their entire discography on several colours of vinyl made by FX7 Records.

(1) interview with Niek in the H8000 Book
(2) Discogs .com

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