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Reprisal Mail Order Knife Set

cover LP

The last record I got in my Good Life Recordings order is a sweet one of a kind Reprisal LP. As you might see, a transitional version between the clear and the black version. It’s mainly clear with traces of black vinyl in it. Backside of the sleeve tells us that there are 500 copies of this one. Is that of both colors or is 500 the total of both colors together? We might never know. But then again if you’re uncertain about pressing info you must better remain silent. Speak the truth or say nothing.

Musically we notice a transition also. The music becomes less punishing as compared to their first LP and CD. Reprisal felt like one of the most punishing acts in Vegan Metalcore to me. That is up to this release I feel. Because they get a more accessible sound on this record. Hard to describe in words because it’s a sound. Somehow they got more popular also by sounding like this probably. If you are a die hard 90’s Hardcore fanatic like me, it’s less cool to listen to. It reminds me of how bands like Congress and Vitality also had this transition. They make a characteristic release, that sounds of their own completely. They create a sound concept, very unique. But then in a later stage they add water to the wine to stay or become even more popular. Or to be able to keep playing and writing songs.

So yes, you’ve got it right when you think I find this a lesser record than “Boundless Human Stupidity”. And above are the reasons why.
The minimalistic approach of the cover art is awesome though. Look how simple but effective cover art can be. Black background, white lettering above and a monochrome gray live shot of a guitarist underneath. All of this finished with the two tone blue Good Life Recordings logo beneath. It doesn’t happen much that a label put it’s logo on the front of the cover.

Reprisal “Mail Order Knife Set” LP clear vinyl with black smoke
Reprisal “Mail Order Knife Set” back side cover

I’m grateful that Good Life Recordings inserted this in the package, when I only bought a clear version. To close this post, a vinyl close up:

Clear with black smoke transition vinyl

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