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RISE AND FALL Deceiver 7inch Review


For those who don’t know RISE AND FALL is making a new record and Deathwishinc. have just released a teaser 7″ with one song of the upcoming album called “Deceiver” and one very very special track that is the reason I make this post in general.
There are several thing that need to be said about this song “Sinking In Sin”. Firstly it is actually a cover of a song that is on the classic and legendary H8000 album ‘The Blackened Persistence’ by the band CONGRESS. Rise And Fall chose this song because the felt it’s appropriate to how they feel nowadays, I read this in a recent interview they did for Some Will Never Know web- and paperzine.
Another thing that needs to be said is that 2 of H8000’s godfathers did backing-vocals in the recording. On a sidenote I’d like to say that I’ve never heard such evil laughter in the background. But actually these back-ups are kinda putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Namely Hans and Josh are the musicians and people that founded the H8000 scene so also formed Rise And Fall as what they are nowadays to an extent so their H8000 background is also figural present in the music of that song. Very symbolic those backingvocals to say at least: their cultural, musical background embodied by Hans’ and Josh’s backingvocals. So inviting them to sing along was a very good idea.
Thirdly I’d like to say that when I compare both versions, I really don’t know which one’s better. Both have charms, the original version is darker, more angry but the cover version has really done justice to the song. The intro has something touching but it is kinda touching also that both godfathers back Rise And Fall proudly and respectfully.
About the music; they added a new melody to the already existing intro-melody and both flow over in each other. Towards the end of this intro the viciousness crawls in the song, kick-starting the edge-metal trademark sound in full effect. While respecting the song Rise and Fall keeps their raging straight-forward character just until that evil laughter slows it down and brings it in an intermezzo to build up tension again with Josh’s backing -while Bjorn screams mercilessly the awesome lyrics- To a hardcore influenced chugga chugga and then bringing back in the blistering metal towards the end!

Obviously I ordered all three colors straight from Deathwishinc.! The CLEAR is quite rare to their standards, 330 made only. The other colors are GREY (/770) and WHITE (/1100). And here’s a picture:

rise and fall deceiver color vinyl collection deathwish inc 7 inch
All 3 Colors
Artwork by Jacob Bannon
Embossed Cover

I’d say do yourself a favor and listen to the song on youtube and order from the label to get this.I case you don’t have the lyrics:

Dark clouds are packing, witness the wrath of God
Rain is pouring on our heads like needles

The wind is cutting on our face
The bitter taste of our enemies
Rotting away in the bowels of humanity

I sink, I’m sinking down 
But I won’t drown in this stream

We already died when we fell
Before we crashed onto the concrete
Sucking those nipples one time to many
Exhausted remains are falling apart
The flow is washing away our sins
To start all over again in an empty womb

When all wounds are healed 
we just have to rip them open again
Pouring salt into this leaks 
Scratching fingers fresh, cold, numb
The bleeding finally stopped
But the pain will never end
Starving naked before god’s eyes
Father laughs, our mother dies

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