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Shurik ‘n "Où Je Vis" 3LP repress

While I am on vacation my mind is set on records again. This time a reissue of the classical French Rap of Shurik ‘n from Marseille. I already had the Shurik ‘n “Où Je Vis” cassette but I really wanted to enlarge my personal comfort and have this on vinyl. Since mint condition copies of the original 1998 pressing go for 200+ euro, I took satisfaction with the very recent reissue of it. Amazing how almost 20 years later this underground Rap jewel still gets the recognition it deserves. If they press it, they must be still buying it also.

Shurik ‘n “Où Je Vis” repress 3LP

It’s great how widely the songs are spread over the vinyl. It’s a triple LP with a maximum of three songs on one side. And they pressed it on 180 gram discs also. No lyrics included unfortunately, but that is usually the case in this branch.

Freely translated “Où Je Vis” stands for “Where I Live”. The Rap style is know being ‘concious’ about reality and live. No party Hip Hop with bull shit lyrics here. Intelligent and wise rhymes with great beats. I like the cover where the rapper looks over the Mediterranean shores of the harbour city Marseille in the South Of France.


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